UPDATE 2: Otherworldly Battle

I have noted two rather disturbing developments recently. The other day I saw Celeste once again, but this time charming a child. Nothing good can come of that. Are they recruiting unknowing soldiers? Are they proselytizing so young?

And just now I received word there is a second black cat. I didn't see this with my own eyes, but I count my father to be a trustworthy witness. He stated this cat had medium length hair and seemed to be moving with urgency.

I do not not what developments are taking place in their world, with their battles and stratagems...I wish I could know, but do I dare risk further involving myself simply to satisfy my curiosity? They say it killed the Cat...perhaps as a Human I might be safe, or perhaps I may be in even more danger for sticking my nose in a conflict not even of my own species...I will update again if I find the courage to risk it...

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