Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Well several updates, so I'll try it keep it concise.

They are taking hostages and no one is being very subtle about it

  • The "missing cat" poster showed up, and shortly after the "found cat" poster was put up down the street. I don't know if other humans are involving themselves in the conflict, or if the cats have learned how to use modern electronics, or if they paid a print shop in catnip, or what. But the fact that they are so boldly advertising the taking of hostages...I worry at the evident escalation.

Foxes have moved in and are probably about to completely change the game

  • I freaked the heck out the other day when my parents told me we had a fox in our yard, and bolted downstairs to get a look. More recently my parents saw a fox in a neighbor's yard, as well. It might have been the same fox. There is a new housing development being built in what had been a vacant, wooded lot for many years until now, so I'm sure that's why we suddenly have foxes in our yards. However, foxes moving in means the bunnies are in more danger than ever. The flow of information, misinformation, arms, etc. that the bunnies previously supplied to both sides of the conflict could be seriously hurt or even completely cut off! I am very interested in seeing how the addition of these new players affects the balance of power.

I fraternised with the White Cat again. My Dad also pet her. I worry what consequences may follow.

  • The White Cat showed up in our backyard again. I pet her. I talked with her. (She was very talkative.) My Dad pet her. We hung out for a while.

  • I have GOT to stop fraternising! But they are just so cute I can hardly help myself! And so far no negative consequences have been seen, so maybe they are truly unaware of the knowledge I possess? Maybe they just know that I could possess knowledge, so they check in from time to time.

In any case things could be about to shift in some pretty big ways. I'll try to keep my eyes open.