You is doin' me a suspicious...

Updated: May 14, 2019

Exposition: As is the story for many of my conspiracy theories as well, I hate the normal explanation for things. I would much rather let my imagination run wild and come up with a way more fun explanation for...well, for just about everything!

The Story: (This is a very short story) I was driving, and in the Lowe's parking lot I passed a truck advertising...wait for pigeons. It was advertised in very faded letters on a slightly rotting wood structure built onto the bed of the truck. Now that is shady as heck. BUT! It is almost so shady that it can't be shady. You know what I mean? It almost seemed too fake to be fake. It was almost so laughable that it had to be real. Like if someone was trying to make up a fake cover story, they would think, "Racing pigeons? Nah, that sounds too fake."

Conclusion: If it is real, they need to spruce up their advertising so it doesn't look so fake. If it is a cover, they should really pick something else less suspicious. Either way,

Final Review: 1 out of 5 stars. Good for a laugh, but not for avoiding suspicion!

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