You smell that? It's your soul.

Did you know that our sense of smell can affect us so strongly because it is the only sense that goes straight to the brain without having to be processed and interpreted first? The other four senses (sight, sound, touch, and taste) have to go through the thalamus before they can do anything else.

My sense of smell affects me very strongly in part because of my sensory processing disorder. Strong scents today won't throw me into a tantrum or a meltdown (Thank goodness. That would be awkward on campus...), but they do still make an impact. Most often, I experience strong smells either when I am working in shops (paint or scenery), or when I pass by other people on campus. The scents in the shops are mostly familiar to me now, but the people I pass by are always changing. And I love it. When I pass by people, or sometimes walk where they were just walking, they often leave a cloud of their scent behind them. Sometimes this is on purpose (perfume, cologne, etc.), sometimes not (fresh laundry smell, their home or environment smell, deodorant, etc.). I love when I pick up someone else's scent (I'm not hunting people, I swear.) because it gives me a brief glimpse into the person. When I can see the person, I smell their perfume or whatever and I feel like I know them. I know their life, what they like and don't like, what pets they have, what hobbies they enjoy, what work ethic they hold, etc. If I can't see the person (maybe they passed me going the other way) I feel like I can see them anyway, and gain insight into their life and their personality. As I walk down busy streets on campus, sometimes I "meet" several people this way as I walk, and I enjoy envisioning the people and their lives as I continue on my way to class.

So as you choose your scent for the day (intentional or not), choose wisely, because some crazy lady you pass on the sidewalk might smell it and assume she knows everything about you...

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