Past Projects

Yarn, Stick, Scissors

Yarn, branch

Glass bottle, twine, sand, pebbles, 1 seashell, aged paper, fountain pen, imagination, more twine

Yarn, branch

Red and white paint, gold leaf, leaf adhesive, triple thick

Glass bottle, copper leaf, leaf adhesive, sealer

Yarn, branch

I also made a massive stack of aged paper! Now, hopefully, I won't have to make any more for a little while!

Yarn, branch

Sorry I don't have process shots for any of these.

Distressed Gold Leaf Skull

I made this. And I had fun with it. For more details, look in the descriptions of the process shots.

Crocheted Blanket

This blanket took me all summer of 2018.


I made the pattern myself based off of the idea of Indian blankets.

It has 151 rows, taking about 15-30 minutes and 76 FEET of yarn to crochet ONE row.

It has 24 tassels, each requiring approximately

12 1/2 feet of yarn to make.

Don't forget the black edged border on the two sides.



In the end, this blanket:

Cost hundreds of dollars and countless hours


Measures around 6.7 feet long by 5.3 feet wide

(not counting tassels!)


Used approximately 2 1/4 *MILES* of yarn


Weighs a whopping 13.1 pounds


And is the comfiest way to make a human burrito!

Dog Sweaters

I custom crocheted each of these sweaters without a pattern.


I took general measurements

of the dogs, and then kept fitting the sweater on them as the work progressed.

(The bow tie attached to the one sweater was created using a pattern.)

Summer 2017

Summer of 2017 I had the house to myself as my parents spent the summer in Colorado.

I only had two summer classes, and so took over the dining room space and enjoyed spending time on some art projects on the side!

(Mediums are in the descriptions)