Web Comics (titles are linked)

Kevin & Kell

Really fun, wholesome cartoon to follow daily. Takes place in an alternate world where everyone is an animal (although a human does pop up a ways in!).    [Can be both linear and non-linear] {I think it works best as Linear}

Sequential Art

Fun comic to follow. Characters range from anthropomorphic cats to humans to penguins... A little more on the "adult" side.    [Linear]

Girl Genius

Really fun comic with a fascinating and intricate story and alluring illustrations.    [Linear]


Fun comic about some "gangsters"? during prohibition where the characters are all anthropomorphic cats. My favorite of their side comics here. (Warning: extremely slow-moving)   [Linear]

Strays Online

Fun story with good illustrations.    [Linear and Finished]


Fascinating story and beautiful illustrations.    [Linear and Finished]


Intricate, fascinating story with well done illustrations.    [Linear]


Really funny comic to follow. One of my favorites from them here.   [Non-linear]

The Wormworld Saga

Really beautiful illustrations with an interesting story. (Warning: was progressing very slowly and now has been stagnant for a while.)    [Linear]


A hilarious comic strip to follow. (Can get dirty.)    [Non-linear]

Fey Winds

Really fascinating story with beautiful illustrations.    [Linear]

Q2Q Comics

A really fun comic for those that work in theatre tech.    [Can be both linear and non-linear]